Remember these affirmations and say them daily.
Decluttering Pre-Challenge


Week 2-
  • Declutter excessive and expired toiletries, make-up, perfumes, hair accessories and utensils, curling irons, grooming products.  
  • Organize toiletries and store in an accessible area for convenience.  
  • Rejuvenate your grooming products and make-up and be sure to have plenty of good mirrors.  
  • Organize kitchen cabinets/drawers/cupboards and declutter appliances, pots, pans, silverware, plates, glasses and dishes that are warped, chipped or stained.  
  • Discard excessive gadgets and cookware.  
  • Discard expired food items and clean your refrigerator.
I have God’s favor and I expect that He will do exceedingly abundantly more than I could ever think or ask.
Week 3-
  • Organize bedroom, dining and living room areas, ensuring that every item has a home.  Books, cd's, DVD's, remotes, mail, linen, bedding and paper need a specific place where they reside.  
  • Obtain additional shelving, cd/DVD towers, storage units, curios, bookcases, magazines, desks and buffets to store items contained in these rooms.  
Week 1 - 
  • Declutter all wardrobe items and outerwear that are outdated, ill-fitting or overly worn.  
  • Downsize accessories, shoes, purses, hats, wallets, luggage and tote bags. 
  •  Donate any gently used items to a local charity or a friend.  
  • Organize closet to remove items from the floor and replace with shelving or mountable organizers, hooks, wardrobes or racks.  
  • Find a home for all clothing, jewelry and accessories. 
  • Dispose of wire hangers and dry cleaning plastic, replacing with folding items on shelves or drawers or using quality hangers to protect clothing items. 
Week 4-
  • Declutter your work area and organize your work space to present a professional image that you value your role.  
  • Organize and clean out your car and garage area.  
  • Organize and declutter remaining areas of your home--family rooms, great rooms, mud rooms, basements, etc.
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