Wisdom Challenge 
All readings are found in the Holy Bible 

Phase 1

  • Reading Plan - Proverbs, read a chapter daily
  • Journal Questions
  • How wise do you consider yourself? Why?
  • How can you increase your wisdom in daily decision making?
Phase 2

  • Journal Questions
  • How can you reflect more joy in your life through your attitude and actions?
  • What are you doing to draw closer
  • Journal Questions 
  • What inspires you about Esther’s story?
  • Which of Esther’s qualities do you possess or desire?
Phase 3

  • Journal Questions
  • Which season  are you in presently?
  • How does the armor of God help you in your daily journey?
Phase 4

  • Journal Questions
  • How do you exhibit the fruit of the spirit in your life?
  • How would you rate your level of faith? 
  • How do you walk by faith in your life?
Phase 5

  • Journal Questions
  • What does a Godly lifestyle consist of?
  • How does your life reflect God’s standards?
  • Are there any negative behaviors that you need to release?
Phase 6

  • Journal Questions
  • How would you compare yourself to the virtuous woman? 
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • What inspires you about Deborah’s story?
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